Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Custom Collages on Etsy

So I've started up my Etsy shop again, with some teeny teeny steps at offering my collage and graphic design work to the masses!

I've got a few projects in the works for custom digital collages, and for those new to the idea - I ask my clients to supply me with photographs, wording if you would like it included, colour preferences and theme preferences. This allows me to produce digital artworks that are utterly personal and individual.

The 300 dpi pieces can be printed and framed for your own use, gifted for special occasions, printed out as features for your scrapbooks, re-sized and used on Invitations or Thankyou cards. Take along to the local print shop and have the image printed onto a T-shirt or coffee mug!

The ones I have done so far, using family photos old and new, I have printed out and gifted as individual artworks, made into birthday cards, printed out and put into my scrapbooks.

An old image from 1947 of my Mother, her own Mother and Father and her Brother. Retouched, recoloured the image and wanted to give it an Australian feel, and feature the year in which the pic was taken. From a tiny cruddy photo that really was showing its age, I've salvaged it and given my Mum a gift!

My favourite colour, a seaside theme and a cute little girl combined to help bring this digital collage here together. I keep thinking this would make a really cute style of invitation!

A bit of retouching and recolouring and a flat old Black and white image comes to life!

An image doesn't have to be perfect for me to make it into a great collage. Spots and damage can be fixed and touched up, images can be recoloured, backgrounds can be removed!

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