Monday, April 19, 2010

Collage Obsession - Beach Challenge

Now these girls at Collage Obsession always come up with great pics and fun themes, this week it's "Beach"

I had a lot of fun with this and am very happy with the outcome of the colour combo!


  1. Oooh, this is lovely. I love those fresh colors, green and yellow. Amazingly beautiful. I want to go to that beach too! :)

    Thank you for joining, Kate! I guess you have seen a lot of beautiful beaches. The most beautiful beaches I've seen are in Australia.

  2. OOOoooohhh! Jealous! Can feel the heat from here!
    love as always Gina x x x

  3. Gorgeous collage!! Your design is so creative and beautifully done.
    Cheers from fellow Aussie, Marie aka Ozstuff in sunny Perth.
    (PS If you are looking for more challenges, try our Three Muses on Wednesdays - any type of art, no rules, no size restrictions, lots of friendly people.

  4. Thanks ladies - elegia.. you miss us already don't you?!

    Gina thankyou, its slowly cooling down in oz, another week or two and I will be freezing.

    Thanks Marie, your site is on my list of MUST DO challenges! kate xo

  5. What wonderful colors! I love the lifeguard's shack...well, I love everything about this Beach Belle and her surroundings. Well done.

    (I echo Marie's invite to Three Muses)

  6. Hi, love your take on the theme, would never have thought of your colour choice, My beach may be more rugged and we may not have the heat that you do, but summers on its way.... lol
    Have fun in the sun ju x

  7. very nice job....... i always look forward to see what everyone does here!