Friday, April 30, 2010

Custom Collage - just what is it?

Well I'm glad you asked! I've begun work on doing some custom collages which have so far been thrilling to do and my clients have been very happy with the end results. As a very visual way of showing just what can be done, here are two I have worked on over the last few days.

This gorgeous little man above (oh yeah and his Mum and Dad) is the newest addition to my family and is my adorable second cousin, Harrison. His Grandma has become totally enamoured with this little boy and wanted something a bit different to show of his adorable-ness! (I'm almost sure this collage will be a screensaver, wall poster, t-shirt print, scrapbook cover.. you get the idea!) Very happy with the look of this and think the colours go really nicely with the wedding family image.

If you are interested in a custom digital collage, please email me or feel free to visit my Etsy store.

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