Thursday, August 19, 2010

Inspiration Avenue Challenge

To encourage me to think of anything BUT surgery next week, I participated in a challenge! For Inspiration Avenue I completed this weeks challenge around my favourite beverage of coffee!


  1. Lovely art. A pleasure to look at.
    Good luck with the surgery next week.
    I had my Gall bladder removed over 20 years ago, before the days of keyhole surgery.
    You'll soon feel a new woman.

  2. Gorgeous piece Kate! My sis had her GB removed by keyhole and hardly has a mark to show for it. Make yourself a "happy thoughts" piece to take in hospital with you. Show us all before you go in and we can all empower your "happy thoughts" for you while your there and recovering :D XXX
    Had to PS cos as I went to post the word verification was "cured" hahaha! Good omen or what?

  3. this is so pretty! Thanks for playing! I love the coffee colors in the piece and the composition. Good luck next week!

  4. Can I have a cup please? Looks so inviting!

  5. It is so lovely to meet you through your beautiful work. Hope your surgery goes well...

  6. The only thing better than a nice cup of coffee is...well, a mean cup of coffee :)
    This time next will have one more difficult experiance under your belt!

  7. I love your submission and the vintage feel of it.
    Sending blissful wishes and hugs to you for a fast recovery!

  8. awww how sweet are all of you!!

    thankyou for your lovely comments and your sweet warm wishes! am currently a little nervous but am concluding that the short term pain I am about to endure is nothing than what I have put up with for 15 years!!

    Love to you all, am looking forward to getting back into my collaging and blogging, see you all soon xo Kate

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  10. Hope you are almost back to normal by now. Just wanted to say how much I like the way you make your objects stand out on your cards. Very beautiful. Thanks for your sweet comments.