Thursday, March 18, 2010

Something for my Mum

As my digital projects often do start as me just fluffing around with an image... I found the main photograph here on my Hard-drive a week or so ago and thought it deserved preservation, so I sat and pondered its fate.
The pic shows my Mother, her brother and her parents. By the look of it picnic-ing somewhere and at a guess I thought it was probably around 1947. Shh nobody tell my Mum that I blabbed to the world how old she is!

So I had a digi-play around with the image and came up with the block below. After feeling I had accompoished something with this, I printed it out, whacked it onto a coaster blank, and coated it in a layer of resin. It's awaiting one more drizzle of clear resin and then it can go in a parcel to my Mum.

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