Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gone crazy at Pickleberrypop

Sooo.. I sold a few things on Ebay recently.. tools furniture and assorted junk I haven't used for ages... has cash sitting in my Paypal account. True to reality and not being able to actually keep HOLD of money I visited pickleberrypop and went crazy buying digital scrapbooking kits!

I am currently watching the links all pile into my inbox and now (at 11.30pm at night) itching to get designing and doodling with them. If you are into digi-collage, scrapbooking or cardmaking, you may want to visit this site and grab a few of the kits to have a play with.

Some of the kits I purchased cost like $2.00!!! and they are bursting with papers and elements!

Another fabulous site I have encountered on my scrap travels is Elegias shop - her artwork is delicious and I'm trying to think of what else I can flog on E-bay so I can snavvle up some of these sheets too! p.s - awesome backgrounds!

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