Monday, May 3, 2010

Sharing the love

Now I know I'm personally relatively new to Blogging but I have been an avid follower, bookmarker and devourer of many fantastic blogs for quite a while, and this morning it dawned on me (as I was doing my usual morning look through my fave blogs) that I should really share some with you.

The thought being that nearly all of these fave blogs of mine, I have found through somebody elses recommendation or link on another blog.

The Feathered Nest - Awesome home decor ideas and inspriation, a regular blogger - always something new and interesting!

Blooming Ideas - some fabulous craft and decor ideas - always has superb links to other blogs.

Creative Home Expressions - LOTS of thrifty decor ideas, beautifully done.

Just Something I Made - The ultimate decor/craft/art/insprational blog - I don't know HOW she crams as much creative work into her week as she does. Totally a MUST BOOKMARK!

Trash2Treasure - I want everything in every picture on this blog. Great if you want some motivation to go paint something!

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